Jacksonville For-Profit School Closures

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The Florida Commission for Independent Education provides useful information for Jacksonville students wishing to continue their studies. The link to the Florida Commission for Independent Education is below.

There are many students in Jacksonville, Florida, that have been impacted by the recent for-profit school closures.

There have been three different national for-profit schools with locations in Jacksonville, Florida, that recently closed their doors.

First, ITT Technical Institute, which had nine locations in Florida, including one here in Jacksonville, closed its doors on September 6, 2016. Then Regency Beauty Institute, another for-profit school with a Jacksonville location closed on September 28, 2016. Finally, Heritage Institute, closed on November 1, 2016.

Whether you are attempting to transfer your credits or applying for a Closed School Loan Discharge, the first thing you will want is a copy of your transcript. ITT Tech and the Regency Beauty Institute both arranged to provide transcripts through Parchment, which is a transcript ordering service. To order an ITT Tech transcript or Regency Beauty Institute transcript, you can click on the Parchment link below which corresponds to the school you attended.

Heritage Institute, in contrast, is still processing its own transcripts. Heritage states students may obtain a copy of their transcript by emailing the school at heritage.StudentServices@heritage-education.net with the following information: Name, Program, Student ID, and Email address.       

Closed School Loan Discharge

A Closed School Loan Discharge allows you to discharge your Direct Loans, Family Education Loans, and Perkins loans if your school closes while you are enrolled and you do not complete your degree as a result; or if your school closes within 120 days after you withdraw. You are not eligible for a closed school discharge if you are completing your degree through a teach-out agreement with the school or if you are completing your degree by transferring earned academic credits to another school. You are also ineligible if you have completed all your coursework at the time the school closes.

The link to the Department of Education Closed School Loan Discharge page is below. If you have questions about the Closed School Loan Discharge feel free to contact me.

There are other types of discharges and cancellations. Please see my loan discharge page for a description of some of the other types of loan cancellation. If you need the assistance of a student loan attorney or have questions for me, call me at (904) 419-9858.