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Please don’t ignore your National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Lawsuit! I frequently get this phone call: “My bank accounts are frozen, help!” A few questions later, and I discover that National Collegiate Student Loan Trust has a judgment against the caller and has garnished their bank account, wages, etc.

Please don’t be dissuaded from calling me if you are in this position as there are still actions I can take to help you. But waiting to call until after a judgment is entered against you instead of calling when you are served with the lawsuit can be the difference between paying tens of thousands of dollars and paying nothing.

Yes. That’s right. In some circumstances a skilled student loan attorney will be able to get a National Collegiate Student Loan Trust lawsuit dismissed outright. In some circumstances it may even be possible to recover attorney’s fees from the other party.

Don’t just assume you owe the debt to National Collegiate Student Loan Trust because you have outstanding private student loans. National Collegiate’s sloppy record keeping practices are well known. The poor record keeping is so well known that even the New York Times has taken notice. See for example https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/17/business/dealbook/student-loan-debt-collection.html

I have seen situations where National Collegiate has filed two separate lawsuits for the same debt at the same time against one individual. Or in other words, they were suing for twice what they were owed. You know what would likely happen if you did not hire a skilled attorney to defend you in this situation? They would likely get two judgments against you and collect on both.

Once they have a judgment against you it is no longer just annoying phone calls and letters. Judgements matter. Once they have a judgment they will likely garnish your bank account, your wages, and take other actions to collect the debt. If you wait to call me until your bank account is frozen because of the garnishment, it may be too late to successfully assert the legal defenses you otherwise might have had. And judgments in Florida are enforceable for up to 20 years!

So please call when you are served with the lawsuit and don’t wait until the judgment has already been entered against you. I would much rather save you stress and tens of thousands of dollars than have a conversation about the limited steps you can take to protect yourself post-judgment. Call me at (904) 419-9858 for a free initial consultation.

​Defend your National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Lawsuit before it is too late!