​I will save you from the "big law" experience!

Professional Qualifications

  • I am admitted to practice in all state courts in Florida and Virginia. I am also admitted to practice in Federal Court, Middle District of Florida.

  • I have extensive courtroom experience. I have tried around thirty jury trials. I worked for seven years as a judge (administrative law) presiding over hundreds of hearings. Before that, I worked for several years as an assistant state attorney.

  • I am a graduate of the Florida State University College of Law (2006). In addition to being a member of the Florida Bar, Virginia Bar, and Federal Bar, I am also a member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates and the Jacksonville Bar Association.​

I try to give you relief and guidance in an increasingly confusing world by giving you my direct number, being honest, working hard, and offering services with your budget in mind.

I know about the reputation that lawyers have and there are many of us who deserve it. But I hope I can give some measure of relief to my clients by caring about them and doing my best to ethically face down life’s challenges with them.

What prompted me to focus on this area of the law? I encountered several clients who had been given incorrect advice about how to handle student loan problems. I then encountered students that needed help but had been quoted hourly rates that put help beyond their reach.

Finally, I had an experience where I tried to refer someone to a talented attorney in a larger law firm. It was like I was trying to reach the president of a major corporation. I got bounced around from secretary to secretary and never actually got through.

I think my job is to make the world a better place and, if possible, to make you feel less stressed in the process. Phone trees, fine print, corporations where I can’t reach the person I need to talk to, these are things that definitely don’t make me feel less stressed.